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Footgolf at Marquette Park

For more information please call the Golf Shop at 312.747.2761

Public: $12 Walking
Advantage Card Holders & Juniors: $7

Cart Rental: $11
Ball Rental: $3

Play Footogolf Anytime!
Please Call the Golf Shop at 312.747.2761 to Make a Reservation.

FootGolf Chicago
What is Footgolf?
A Sport combining Golf and Soccer. Players play on a shortened course following closely the rules of Golf.

How Do You Play Footgolf?
 From a designated tee, each player kicks a #5 regulation soccer ball to a 21-inch diameter hole or cup, with the goal of making the ball into the cup in the determined par score or better. 

Who Can Play Footgolf?
Anyone! Footgolf is fun for the whole family! 

Check out these links to find out more about the sport, and check back for upcoming events and tournaments in the Chicago area.
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